Below is a list of courses that help you as entrepreneur or student to become better in setting up and running companies

Training Entrepreneurship and Business Plan at HI & T

At the Department of Trade, Industry and Tourism the training 'Entrepreneurship and Business Plan' is provided.

For more information about the training calendar, contact the Department via the contact details at the right.

Suriname Business Academy in Brussels

At the Embassy in Brussels people from Suriname have the opportunity to take part in training courses to become (better) enterpreneurs.

The following courses are provided:

  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Pitching for Investors
  • Building a Website
  • Promoting your business

For more information on the training calendar, contact the embassy via the contact details at the right.

Personal Guidance in Writing a Business Plan

If you want to be guided personally in writing a business plan in Suriname, you can contact Mrs. Monique Lew. See contact details at the right.

Read more about a business plan and download a business plan template here.

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