Things to do in Paramaribo

Paramaribo, often called Par'bo, is the lively capital and only city of the sparsely inhabited Suriname.

Paramaribo is home to about 250,000 people, being half the population of Suriname, this laid-back South American city lies 15 km from the Atlantic Ocean. It's the country's main harbor, governmental seat and center for business and learning.

Many visitors to Suriname come by here, spending some time to take in the city's pretty UNESCO World Heritage listed colonial center. Paramaribo leads by example in Surinam's efforts to expand its tourist economy, with a strong focus on eco-friendly travel.

To get a feel of this friendly city, take a pick from the large stacks of fruits at its bustling central market and wander around town to admire its colonial heritage. Then, head to the Waterkant (or water side) to join the locals for Djogo (local beer) and salty fish while gazing at the boats on the Suriname river.

The Presidential Palace of Suriname is an eye-catcher in the capital of Paramaribo. The current palace was built in 1730, when former Governor-General of Suriname, Charel Emilius Hendrik de Cheusses led an expansion project of the already existing governor's palace.

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